We are forty years old on paper. On digital, not at all.


Thanks to its team of media traders, Mediamix operates your programmatic campaigns in Switzerland and abroad, based on branding and performance objectives.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising allows you to buy and sell media spaces in an automated way. Programmatic media buying is done on display, video, native, audio, DOOH or digital TV.

The benefits of programmatic advertising

Thanks to the possibility of targeting based on context, audience, geolocation, or device, programmatic advertising offers a fine and flexible management of digital media purchases.

Our approach to programmatic advertising

Convinced that performance depends on a controlled distribution framework, we operate all our campaigns on whitelist. Our reports give a vision of the sites and locations used during the campaigns, as well as the costs and performance of each of them.

Our knowledge of the media, both international and national, leads us to an optimal brand safety and to an informed choice of the chosen distribution media. We put in place the necessary deals with the advertising agencies to respond precisely to the media buying strategy.

In addition, our media traders have developed a strong expertise in the management of performance-based campaigns. Our teams are capable of meeting both branding and conversion objectives (ROI, CPL, CPA)

Whitelists / controlled release framework
Transparency / reporting on all slots
Tracking and conversion feedback
Performance / campaign management based on performance objectives
Covering / global coverage of programmatic inventories

Deployment of programmatic campaigns

Our team of programmatic media buying experts will support you throughout the process:

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