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Outdoor Advertising

Commercial OOH remains a growth medium, but digital technologies, regulations, public perception and environmental concerns are changing the way it is designed and delivered.

The supports remain very varied:

Often used as a complementary media, outdoor advertising can be tactically engaged at the right place, at the right time and with the right pressure. Thus, at Mediamix we plan poster campaigns around events to promote sponsorships (Formula e, athletics championships), around fairs and exhibitions, to support in-store promotions, or more commonly, to boost the visibility of a campaign or brand awareness.

Le Gruyère AOP suisse in Times Square, New York (programmatic buying)

Digital or not?

Digital can be confusing for OOH because advertising displays are considered "digital" even though they are not "online." The term "digital" in DOOH refers to the technology used to deliver the messages. DOOH advertising campaigns can be planned and managed remotely using content management and scheduling software, but consumer engagement remains deferred (QR code, search query, ...). For these campaigns we apply a mix of guaranteed purchase and programmatic.

Some displays with 3D effects or interaction possibilities offer immersive and memorable experiences for consumers. These types of displays are few in number because they are more expensive and require more advanced design and production. But advertisers who use them greatly enhance their image as a creative and innovative company.

Campaigns that combine static OOH and digital screens are often the most effective, with a wide variety of locations and perceptions.

Immersive display « Welcome domination » for Swissquote in Luxembourg-Findel.

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