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Digital TV

While traditional TV was a mass media (one-to-many), new technologies are transforming it into a one-to-one, more personalized and targeted medium. With connected TV, segmented TV, and replay, along with programmatic TV buying, advertisers have more options than ever before to reach their audiences effectively.

What are the advantages of Digital TV?

Precise targeting

Access to first-party socio-demographic data for precise targeting: With information on age, gender, household size, consumption habits, and TV program affinity, data provides the insights needed to ensure your ads are reaching the right people.


Geotargeting capabilities for campaigns, allowing you to reach your desired audience at the national, regional, or even postal code level.


Multi-device communication surrounding delayed cult shows, with seamless integration between TV, tablets, mobiles, and PCs.


Broadcasts can now be customized to suit your audience, rather than being tied to a specific program or channel. This means that two different households watching the same program may see different advertisements.


Campaigns are tailored to fit every budget, including those with smaller budgets on a local scale.


Consistency in data measurement. Far from the usual GRP (Gross Rating Point) of traditional TV, we talk here about impressions, CPM, CPV and CPA.


Ad spots in pre-roll, ad pause, and post-roll formats are non-skippable and cannot be deactivated.


Activate your campaigns almost instantly and autonomously


Track campaign performance in real-time and optimize continuously to reach an ever-changing audience.


Maximize your digital TV campaign with a multi-channel strategy, repurposing your TV spots for other digital platforms.

Our market expertise brings additional granularity and expertise to your digital TV campaigns.

Take your campaigns to the next level

With TV digitalization, you can fully exploit data to increase relevance, awareness, and visibility, ultimately driving traffic to your website or store and boosting sales.

Data collection and analysis enable retargeting campaigns across other digital platforms, optimizing exposure to your target audience and boosting conversions.

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