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Paid Social Media

Social media allow users to connect and share content around the world, such as photos, videos, messages. With the multiplication of social platforms and the number of users, it becomes very difficult to get visibility in an organic or natural way.

Using "Paid Social" is crucial to be visible to consumers and to acquire new customers.
des consommateurs et acquérir de nouveaux clients.

The main objectives of a social media campaign

The main KPI's of a social media campaign can vary according to the specific needs and objectives of each business.

Social media strategy – Our expertise

Before launching an advertising campaign on social networks, it is important to define the objectives. Is the objective to generate leads, sales, increase awareness or generate engagement?
Est-ce que l’objectif est de générer des leads, des ventes, d’augmenter la notoriété ou de générer de l’engagement ?

It's important to have clear objectives so you can measure the success of the campaign.

Once the objectives are defined, it is important to identify the audience to be reached. Social networks offer advanced targeting options to reach specific audiences based on demographic, psychographic or behavioural criteria.

Social networks have different advertising options, so it's important to choose the one or ones that best fit your objectives and reach your targeted audience.

Advertising costs can vary depending on platforms, countries, goals and targeting criteria.

Using analytics tools, we monitor, measure and optimize campaigns to improve performance and get a better return on investment..

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