YouTube: what strategy to adopt to optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns?


With more than two billion users in over 100 countries, YouTube has established itself as one of the most powerful digital communication platforms since its creation in 2005.

But with growing competition from connected TV and increasingly stringent data protection regulations, how do you maximise the advertising impact and prompt your leads to convert on YouTube? Through the example of Swiss Cheese Marketing, we reveal some inspiring good practices and the essential basics for successful YouTube campaigns, offering the best return on your investments.

A global strategy adapted to each country

Launched in Germany, Australia, Canada, France, the USA, the United Kingdom and Russia, the Swiss Cheese Marketing campaign was naturally designed in several languages. A precise analysis of the target audience made it possible to define the topics to be prioritised and to plan the video broadcasting on suitable placements, for example on some top chefs’ YouTube channels. Mediamix provided the creative agency with precise instructions in order to adapt the video formats as accurately as possible and gain maximum impact. A set of KPIs has been defined, forming an essential common thread for measuring the achieved performance and, if necessary, correcting a specific parameter to optimise the results.

A multi-screen world

More than 75% of videos on YouTube are viewed on mobile phones. Your content should be adapted accordingly:

Privilege subtitling

  • silent consultation in public places
  • adaptation of subtitles to the country language
  • understanding by the hearing impaired
  • subtitle content indexation by search engines (natural referencing)

Your own video chapters

  • improved position in organic results


Privilege up to 15 seconds long videos

  • more dynamic and impactful communication


Integrate sitelink extensions

  •  retain attention and direct Internet users to your website or to your retailers (measured increase: + 50% clicks, + 23% conversions!)

YouTube viewing on connected TV screens is booming, especially in English-speaking countries. This parameter must be taken into account and:

  • choose a 4k-UHD version of your video. YouTube automatically adjusts the video quality according to the viewing mode
  • encourage your prospects to enter a URL on their tablet or smartphone while watching your video on their TV screen


KPIs and ROI: measure your performance!

Simply measuring views is not enough. A clear definition of your objectives allows you to establish a list of key performance indicators (KPIs). The installation of a conversion tracking tag on your website allows you to precisely know the actions carried out by Internet users after having viewed your video and clicked on the link to your site. Mediamix supports you in this key phase of measuring your return on investment.

Why choose YouTube?

  • Over two billion users
  • Over 1 billion hours of video viewed daily
  • Localised versions in more than 80 languages and over 100 countries
  • In the USA, a higher performance than any TV channel among 18-34- and 18–49-year-olds



Mediamix, your Google Ads Video partner

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