We mix strengths: Independent, local, and global

International Media Buying

A multi-channel know-how

For almost 40 years, Mediamix has accumulated extraordinary know-how in the planning and deployment of international media campaigns on traditional media. With the rise of digital communication, we have successfully implemented a major transformation of our offer.

Display, mobile, TV, print, social networks, static or digital display... A good campaign mechanism requires a perfectly targeted, orchestrated and controlled distribution, sized according to your objectives and your budget. This is our core business. We are perfectly positioned to combine the best of these two worlds, online and offline, applying the same professional rigor and the same attention to preserving your brand values.

Research and common sense

Mediamix has access to consumer studies and socio-demographic analyzes existing on the various markets, which is essential to intelligent and balanced media planning. Our recommendations are based on this research, to which we add a good dose of professional common sense.

A global reflection

The barrier between traditional and digital media tends to fade : Traditional publishers have powerful websites. Display is also becoming digital (DOOH) and offers similar capabilities to online communication (DSP, Real Time Bidding), for ever more effective campaigns. At Mediamix, all this knowledge is gathered under the same roof and our specialists work in close synergy. Our recommendations systematically integrate a global reflection for 100% personalized solutions!

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