How to boost conversion rate with engaging and impacting call-to-action


At Mediamix, our objective is not simply to broadcast a campaign. We support the advertiser in his project and go beyond his expectations. Consumer-focused innovation is one of the most powerful pillars of the media strategies we build. L’innovation axée sur le consommateur est l’un des piliers les plus puissants des stratégies médias que nous construisons.

Our goals: to deliver optimised and innovative campaigns to increase brand awareness, brand sympathy and brand performance, across different countries.

The end-to-end strategy Mediamix has created is based on the fusion of premium whitelists. We integrate the most renowned publishers, a fine segmentation of the audience and a specifically adapted geo-targeting. Nous y intégrons les éditeurs les plus renommés, une segmentation fine de l’audience et un géociblage spécifiquement adapté.

To enhance brand interaction and whet users’ appetite, we work hand in hand with Teads Studio. Teads develops interactive videos that leverage all the dynamic signals embedded in the mobile device. These include time, location, weather and audience targeting. Teads développe des vidéos interactives qui s’appuient sur tous les signaux dynamiques intégrés dans le support mobile. Parmi ceux-ci, l’heure, la localisation, la météo ou la segmentation d’audience.

Through engaging, brand-safe advertising experiences, consumers can interact with the brand and increase their level of affinity. The use of the video format generates an emotional relationship and a personal connection between the audience and the brand. This impact is even more intense when video content is integrated within the editorial content. Real-time A/B tests have been developed in partnership with the Teads Studio in order to find the closest peak performance and increase CTA.

Average Results:

0,40% average CTR (2X CTR of display or video average)

80% viewability rate

+15% uplift in average in-view time

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