A breath of fresh air is blowing over the agency's visual identity and our website


As 2023 gently glides towards the warmth of Summer, at Mediamix we already see it as a vintage year, a special brew with a unique flavour.


Just as good wine is not just about taste, but also presentation, we've decided to add a touch of zing to our look. Our friends at Cavalcade Agency have cooked up a new visual identity for us, with a fresh new logo, vibrant new colours and a slogan that captures us perfectly: "International Media Experts".

Who said a media agency had to be boring? 

At Mediamix, we shatter that notion with our colourful, vibrant, and above all, alive approach.With a strong connection to media on every continent and an unwavering human touch, we redefine what it means to be a media agency.

Our logo reflects the ambivalence that characterizes us - big, yet small; Swiss, yet international; expert, yet unpretentious.Each element symbolizes our unique identity, capturing the essence of Mediamix's dynamic spirit. 


And of course, every good bottle deserves a label to match. We are therefore delighted to present our new website to you. 




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