A second Meilleur du Web nomination for Mediamix


Mediamix was shortlisted in the "Branding" category at the 13th edition of Meilleur du Web in Lausanne, with the presentation of its business case for the "Abilis" healthcare application.

Abilis is a digital healthcare platform that connects pharmacists and patients through a range of services: e-health, EPD (electronic patient record), e-shop.

To promote this platform, we have implemented an omnichannel strategy that delivers a seamless experience across all brand touchpoints.

Well-planned, it leads to increased conversions.

  • Advertising impact is maximized through channel optimization
  • Brand awareness is enhanced
  • More relevant data analysis: data from different channels can be used to optimize strategy and improve the customer experience

Offline / online strategy

  • Awareness: TV, radio, press, analog display, social networks
  • Traffic: programmatic, SEA, Display, social networks
  • Conversions: social networks, SEA, programmatic

Our reflection on the previous year's landing page (2022) led us to make recommendations to the client concerning the page's UX Design. The main objective was to encourage people to download the app.

To increase the number of downloads and improve the user experience, we analyzed the mobile compatibility of the landing page in 3 languages (FR-DE-IT) and the layout of the elements, in particular the download buttons.

A site has to be mobile friendly, and this is also the case for a landing page.

We wanted to put the quality of the user experience (UX) at the service of performance in terms of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), CTR (Click Through Rate) and ROI of acquisition strategies (SEO and SEA).

To better measure conversions, we have set up a cross-platform tagging plan to track user activity and, more specifically, clicks on the app's download buttons.

For better tracking of downloads, installations and opening of the app in Android and iOS versions, we combined the Google (Google Ads / DV360) and Firebase platforms.

Finally, the landing page redirects users to the main site, which is an e-Commerce site for online sales of parapharmacy products, and also gives more explanations on the DEP part of the app.

This site benefits from server-side e-Commerce tracking for Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads.

Following our campaigns around the app, sales were generated on the shop, which led us to complete the tracking by adding server-side tagging for Facebook too.

If you're interested, Mediamix can be your partner for a multi-platform advertising strategy and/or a server-side tagging plan. Don't hesitate to contact us!




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