Is programmatic DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) THE new trendy platform of tomorrow ?

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According to the latest Research and Markets study, the DOOH market was valued at $18.8 billion in 2020 and will represent $54.83 billion by 2030, an increase of +191% within no less than 10 years!  

After a slight decline in 2020 due to the pandemic, DOOH is enjoying a new boost of energy, mainly thanks to the platform’s digitalisation via programmatic.

The addition of programmatic to outdoor advertising provides a considerable increase in campaign granularity. Moreover, the programmatic experience curve and its insights will allow DOOH to be deployed much more quickly.

Mediamix adds a double expertise thanks to its programmatic experts and a team specialised in classic outdoor adverting! The main objective is to benefit from the traditional media know-how, which allows campaigns to be deployed with greater subtlety and to improve the impact of DOOH campaigns.

But that’s not all!

The data usage via programmatic will allow the development of personalised strategies for all broadcasted campaigns with the addition of criteria such as:

  • Geotargeting : by city, district or more precisely by street.
  • The choice of environments: city centres, shopping malls etc.
  • Tracking of the purchasing process and multiple points of contact : in the street, as well as stations/airports/subways or shopping centres, but also in elevators of building centres.
  • Targeting by specific socio-professional category..
  • Activation of ‘Triggers’ with actions that can be automatically triggered when a specific event or action occurs : weather, economic or stock market change etc.

This automated, data-driven ad buying revolution is opening up many new subtleties:

  • Integrate a premium platform into your omnichannel strategy with accessible budgets! DOOH’s buying precision will allow you to integrate this platform with similar budgets to those of programmatic or social network campaigns. DOOH also allows to combine other digital media and can be linked to a mobile campaign, a website (thanks to a QR code system for example), etc.
  • Brand Safety through a control of each screen location: control, select your screens (pick and choose) whether it is on Alexander Square in the heart of Berlin, in subways or shopping malls in Paris, or at lunchtime in Times Square in New York, etc.
  • More creativity ! Creating experiences is the key to increasing consideration. With regards to a screen that reaches several persons at once, it is indeed necessary to be more and more creative when approaching a user who is more present online and therefore more demanding. DOOH is a great tool to stand out from the competition since it offers more freedom, especially in terms of creation. The DCO, ‘dynamic creative optimisation’, will activate a personalised message or video according to the real-time context, the weather and/or the geography and/or the time slots, etc.
  • Improved impact and performance in Drive to Store : after defining your campaign KPIs (and performance indicators), Mediamix will carefully select the best actors/publishers to activate for your strategy. Our experts will optimise the real-time flow in order to improve each campaign: for example with increased broadcasting on the best performing billboards (place, time, day) + in addition we activate the desired triggers.
  • More responsible communicationDOOH allows to limit the number of printed posters and therefore the carbon footprint of a campaign requiring a large amount of paper.

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